TMS (3D Transition Measurement Solution) is developed to monitor and analyse the information about the pressures in the pipelines to prevent accidents.

TMS measures movements in smaller scale in field by either using fixed or removable (easily attachable / detachable) networked systems and it  has an intelligent integrated algorithm embedded with the measurement module for prevention and real-time condition monitoring and FDI.

The uniqueness of TM Field Analyzer builds on the utilization of state of the art sensor technologies, and an information theoretic analysis that enables advanced signal processing of the data collected by networked measurement modules. Application for urban settings foremost stems from the nodes’ highly effective dampening features as well as the algorithm’s non-parametric, multivariate, and non-linear characteristics that enable to draw inferences despite high rates of random noise occurrence.

TMS makes possible to detect faults and have early warnings about incipient faults real-time (real-time Fault Detection and Isolation, FDI). TMS intelligent and reliable data-driven condition monitoring software enables the following of the life span of a pipeline network, and therefore, planned and preventive maintenance. Both long-term monitoring (i.e. for leak detection in non-urban areas) and short term measuring (i.e. condition of structural assemblies) possible. Pipeline motions e.g. due to heat expansions can be tracked and locations vulnerable to failures detected.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 651414.