* Bluetooth 2.0 development
* Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) development using TI bluetooth stack

Our research and development on different bluetooth solutions has given us a wide range of competence. Our own product MotionStep is using both bluetooth 2.0 and 4.0 solutions.

We have put more development resources into bluetooth low-energy solutions, especially for LED lighting systems so that “internet of things” and home automation concepts could be implemented more flexibly. As everything around us is going digital, it must be kept in mind that the technology has to make life easier and then the other values can follow such as coolness  and fun.

For the best user experience in the lighting control, everything has to work fast, it should not drain the battery of one’s device  and minimum amount of effort should go in to the process. Our LE bluetooth solutions allow users  to access their lighting devices easily and instantly, they can control their surroundings through the applications on their mobile devices.

Our range of competence also covers iOS and Android applications for creating solutions that turn your mobile devices into a controllers for the more efficient and modern life.